The story continues

The determination to consolidate the merit of a name and of the history and the quality of the wines has given rise to a great challenge: the construction of the new wine cellar La Tunella.
The two storey building is totally functional to the various phases of vinification: it is the visible representation of a scrupulous oenological project.

On the floor below ground level: the fermentation room of the white wines in stainless steel vats and the room dedicated to the drying of the grapes: the barrique area; the room with the tonneaux and the oak barrels in which the red wines rest…
Everywhere the temperature, the humidity, the ventilation are rigorously kept under control and suited to the individual trait of each wine.

The warmth and the colour of a large wine tasting room welcome the visitors: the visual experience accompanies the experience of taste.
On the ground floor: the deposit, the bottling plant and an external area for the storage of equipment.

Next to the new wine cellar: the earlier building has been reorganized and given over to the processing of the newly harvested grapes, to the decantation of the whites before fermentation and to the maceration of the reds. It also contains an analysis laboratory, the salesroom and the offices.