Production Zone: D.O.C. Friuli Colli Oriental
Grape Variety:
33% Friulano 33% Malvasia Istriana 33% Ribolla Gialla 
Growing System: Traditional Friuli short single inverted with a plant density of 5.000 vines per hectare
Harvest time: The second week of September  
Friulano, Malvasia Istriana and Ribolla Gialla are the three native Friulian varieties par excellence. The whole grapes, harvested together, are lightly pressed and then a fermentation starter, prepared previously from the selected best grapes of the same varieties, is added to the resulting clear, whole must. The must then ferments slowly in 500 litre French oak tonneaux. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is aged further in oak tonneaux, during which time a lengthy series of batonnage processes is carried out to produce a wide and full-bodied wine, with a delicate bouquet. Only after a suitable resting and maturing period in the bottle the wine is ready to be presented to the consumer.
Indicative values: Total acidity 6.00 g/L; alcohol 13.50% by vol.  
Straw yellow with a bright greenish highlights 
Notes on flavour and bouquet: An unmistakable bouquet, with notes typical of the variety, with a refreshing sea breeze sensation to the nose and a broad mineral base. Against a sweet floral background intersect hints of hawthorn, Renette apple, white flowers and citrus. It begins densely and lively in the mouth with a deceptive softness and good persistence, velvety and complementary in the broad salty and flavoursome finish that is, at the same time fresh and all-embracing.
Serving Temperature: 8 - 10 °C 
Pairing Suggestions
A broad range of pairing possibilities given its pleasantness and freshness. A great wine in fish cuisine: matches well sushi-style fish, tuna tartar and spaghetti with clams. It is also worth trying with baked fish.