Toc' in braide

Recommended Wine

Col Livius

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Nero


Polenta: 200 g fine corn flour • 2 dl water • 2 dl milk ·salt

Sauce: 300 g meadow cheese, fresh ricotta cheese and goat’s cheese • 1 dl milk 

Dressing: 100 g butter • 50 g corn flour


Boil the water and milk in a casseruole.

Season with salt and sift in the flour, mixing continuously with a whisk to avoid the formation of lumps; cook
for 30 minutes. When cooked, the result will be a soft polenta.

Aside, melt the cheeses in baine-marie with the milk and liquidise to obtain a rather thin cream.
In a pan, brown the corn flour withthe butter to obtain the “morchia.”

Serve in individual plates with hot polenta, pouring a ladle of cheese cream and garnishing with a few spoons of