Plum gnocchi

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g 500 / 1,1 lb potatoes boiler, peeled and mashed • g 150 / 5,3 oz white flour • 1 egg • salt • 12 plums • g 50 / 1,8 caster sugar (superfine) • 3 tbs. breadcrumbs • g 100 / 3,6 butter • g 10 / 0,3 oz cinnamon powder


Prepare a typical gnocchi dough with the still warm mashed potatoes, the flour and the egg, mixing up the
ingredients and kneading until the dough becomes smooth and quite compact.

Roll out and cut into 12 circles. In a frying pan with some butter, brown slightly the breadcrumbs with the sugar
and the cinnamon.

Now, stone the plums, fill them with the browned breadcrumbs and place into the centre of each circle.
Roll up the dough around the plum, well sealing and forming 12 dumplings.

Cook them in a casserole of boiling salted water and poach until they float back up to the surface.

Share into the serving plates, pouring over melted butter and breadcrumbs.