Potatoes heart with Aspargus

Recommended wines


Col Matìss Sauvignon Cru



300 g mirepoix asparagus tips · salt and pepper to seasons · 50 g extra virgin olive oil · 100 g ricotta cheeses ·
80 g “Montasio stravecchio” (very mature) cheese · 1 beaten egg
Potato gnocchi: 1 Kg potatoess · 2 eggs · flour, as required
“Morchia” sauce: 100 g butters · 50 g corn flour


Peel and boil the potatoes, rub through a sieve onto a pastry board, add the eggs and as much flour as required. Season the mirepoix asparagus tips with salt and put them into a baking pan with the oil and butter.
Flavour, but make sure that they remain crispy, leave to cool.
Put the asparagus in a bowl, blend in the ricotta cheese, “Montasio stravecchio” (very mature) cheese, chopped parsley. Roll out the potato mixture 3 mm thick and cut out 10 x 10 squares.
Brush two corners of the square with egg and spoon the filling in the middle.
Take one corner of the pastry without egg and cross it over to the other side to form a triangle.
At this point, mould the “ravioli” in the shape of a heart.
Cook in salted water and serve with the “Morchia”.
The “Morchia” is prepared by melting the butter in a pan, add the corn flour and sauté until it takes on a nut brown colour. Serve