Italian Omelette with Wild Herbs and Quail

Recommended wines

• Refosco dal P.R.

• Friulano

• Biancosesto


quail · 10 fresh eggs · 30 g chopped wild herbs (silene, chervil, mesclun, etc.) · 1 dl cream ·
50 g butter · salt and pepper to season


Bone the quails and remove the breasts and legs. Chop the remaining pieces to make a sauce.
Prepare the omelette by mixing the eggs with the herbs, cream and salt and pepper.
Cook the omelette in 8 cm diameter non-stick pans (to obtain single portions).
Brown the breasts and legs in a casserole using a little butter and bake in the oven for 5 minutes at 180°.
Place the quail breasts and legs on the omelette that has been arranged in the middle of the plate and pour
over the sauce.