Veal Strips with Shallots and Carrots

Recommended wines


• Friulano

• Rjgialla


500 g veal strips · peppercorns · 1 stick celery · 1 small white onion · 2 carrots · 1 sprig thyme · 1 bay leaf ·
1 shallot · wine vinegar · Asperum (balsamic vinegar produced by Midolini from Manzano) · Tricesimo virgin olive oil · small green salad


Boil the veal strips with the peppercorns, stick of celery, onion, carrots, sprig of thyme and bay leaf for about 2 hours, leave to cool; dice the celery and cut the carrots into strips.
Braise the shallot and sauté the veal strips.
Serve with the carrots arranged on the salad and a dash of wine vinegar, Asperum and virgin olive oil.